Own Your Share of New York.

0CP-21-4S_view_webCP-21-4S_view_web162-21 Powells Cove Blvd (Apt. 4S)119-7C Living Room19-7C Living Room7-25 166th Street – Bldg 19 (Apt. 7C)2Le Havre - 2-2A - Living Room 2Le Havre - 2-2A - Living Room 210-11 162nd Street – Bldg 2 (Apt. 2A)3LH_28-3D_LR_webLH_28-3D_LR_web167-05 12th Ave – Bldg 28 (Apt. 3D) – Rental


    Shares is a real estate sales and marketing company offering, on an exclusive basis, co-op and condominium re-sales and unsold shares in the five boroughs of New York.